A bit about me


My name is Andrea and I am a graphic designer who lives in a sunny spot in Auckland, New Zealand close to the rugged west coast beaches and lush mountain ranges.

From a young age I've always enjoyed dreaming, drawing, painting and organising which are probably perfect precursors to a career in graphic design. 

I have been in the industry for over ten years and have been lucky to work with a wide range of clients thanks to both freelance and day-to-day work. This has helped expand my experience in client relationships, layout, web design, digital publishing, infographics, branding and much much more.

Why BlanketMonster you might ask? Other then avoiding an obvious web address, this is paying homage to one of my great loves - animals. And in particular, my first pet rabbit Demonika and her love of playing with her blue blanket. Afterall, life would be far too serious without pets.

If you share my interest in street art, visit my street art photography Instagram account. Or perhaps you enjoy the surge of impressive alcohol packaging out there much like I do.